Thursday, May 5, 2011

Foul is my only memory.

Beads of sweat run down my cheek
Relief fills my void
You've made me do this
I always felt like we were one
I never thought I'd push it this far
My eyes trace your silhouette in the stagnant water
I watch your lifeless figure floating silent
Sadly, I feel no regret, no remorse
Apathy is all encompassing
A foul aura surrounds you still
Foul is my only memory of you
The soft light is gleaming off your dark skin
My body aches
I must flee this ungodly scene
Your repugnant scent lingers and seeps through me
I wipe away your shameful remnants
I pray your porcelain god carries you far away
Goodbye, my dear.



  1. sounds like what they said when they threw bin laden in the ocean....LMAO JKING!!!

  2. Ha, is this a poem about what I think it is?

  3. *tears* inspiring; so tragic.

  4. sorry but the afro distracted me from the song..

  5. Soothing lol, how long did it take to write this?

  6. Porcelain god, huh?

    I like that line.

  7. Most inspiring poem about a crap i've ever read :P

  8. I've never felt such emotion towards..... nevermind.