Sunday, May 1, 2011

Are you a 90's kid, part 2.

Do any of you remember the JNCO's fad?
The insanely wide legged pants that you could easily fit another person in. I remember all of my rebellious friends having at least 1 pair of these ugly pants. Some hardcore kids still wear these today.

Starter jackets.
If you grew up in the 90's, there was no way you could miss seeing these. Everybody had a Starters jacket. It didn't even have to be a team you liked, they were all just as appealing to a 90's kid. If you didn't have it, you weren't in my cool-club.

LA Lights
I remember having a pair of these shoes. The back air pocket would light up and flash. My friends knew I was a wizard. How would you like to be curb stomped by a pair of these bad boys?

I had like 30 of these from winning them at the local arcade. They're probably still around today, who knows. You'd slap them on your wrist and they'd curl up around it, like a python. It was more fun smacking your friends in the face with them.

Tommy Hilfiger
All the preppy kids had this shirt in the late 90's. Fuck that shirt.

That's it for now, gonna go brush my teeth and head out.
More 90's shiz to come.


  1. didn't have JNCOs but had Hilfiger jeans that were just as wide, think they had something like a 28 inch wide leg

  2. i only wore JNCOs for the longest time

  3. Slap bands were the shit! I remember when our school first found out about them, people were running around slapping them on other peoples wrists and people were freaking out! nostalgiad hard.

  4. The Charlotte Hornets were awesome! I think I had a Muggsy Bogues jersey that would have matched that jacket perfectly.

  5. 90's were the best man. We will never have it that good again man.

  6. la lights, snap bands, yes.

  7. I laughed for like 10 minutes straight about the slapbands thing.