Monday, May 2, 2011

Are you a 90's kid, part 3.

So I've covered some of the foods and fashion of the 90's. I'll probably wrap it up with some toys and other goodies. I might make a part 4 if people still want this type of blog.

Super Soakers!
These were the best! You couldn't have a water fight with your friends without a couple of Super Soakers. Just watch out for your crazy friend who wants to piss in the top jug and shoot it. There were a bunch of different models, but they don't really compare to the ones they sell nowadays. If we would of had the modern day Super Soakers, back then, then some of our friends probably wouldn't of made it through the 90's.

Koosh Balls
I'm pretty sure everybody had a "Koosh" something.. The ball, was just a rubber core with rubber strings dangling off it. You could do a lot with a Koosh ball, most of them made your parents irate.


You'd basically face off against your opponent by shooting a shitload of ball bearings at two pucks and score the pucks in their goal. It was never as fun as the commercial portrayed it, with lightning storms and fire.

Bop It!
"Bop it! Twist it! Pull it!" This was pretty awesome. You'd have to bop it, twist, and pull as the commander called out and try not to break your wrist. There were three game modes in the original. They made another one in the 90's that added a flicker and spinner.  This is the new one
They added a microphone, so you have to "Shout it".. Fuck it.

Sock'em Boppers

These were basically just oversized boxing gloves with extra padding.

 Now you can call over that little son of a bitch in your neighborhood that's been calling you a doo-doo head and beat him senseless.

Ninja Turtle Action Figures
These were fun to play with. They had limbs and heads that you could swivel around and had a million accessories. I had about 100 of these and all of them were dismembered in some way or another.

Gym Class?
Run and slide across the gym floor as fast as you can!

Nintendo and Sega

You didn't exist in the 90's if you don't know these.

Just a couple more picture for good measure.

I have a lot more pictures but I'll save them for another time. Hope you enjoyed the flashback.


  1. Haha, I definitely had all of the above and for that I am slightly ashamed..

  2. looks like fun, i still got some of these!

  3. I hate blogs like this. Because you make me do silly things like go buy a used version of crossfire on ebay.

  4. Nostalgia'd hard. Thanks, bro.

  5. had a green/black Koosh (still have it somewhere) and a supersoaker that had dual bottles on top! Ah the memories

  6. Oh god bop it! I used to play with that thing for hours. I think the highest I ever got to was like level 32? Thing would get pretty fast.

  7. had that exact super soaker, it was awesome!!

  8. I remember I got a Stretch Arm Strong and pulled it soo far it broke!!!


  9. Ok, I had like over 50 ninja turtle toys, including 2 costumes as a kid and a set of real nun chucks. heeh

  10. Goddamn build me a time machine please.

  11. I'm working on it! Give it time, gents!

  12. SEGA i still have it under my bed in a box somewhere

  13. I had a supersoaker2000, shot one liter of water each shot!

  14. Holy crap, i was born in 1990 and i used to love all of those things. Nastalgia'd hard.

  15. Damn, I'm a 90's kid, alright. Long live the Super-Soaker!

  16. Dat sega :X. Played that a ton as a kid.