Monday, June 17, 2013

Jay-Z, overrated or overrated?

Is Jay-Z the most overrated rapper ever? Possibly. The fact that people consider him "one of the greatest of all time" makes me question their intellect and their ability for subjective thinking. The only thing impressive about Jay-Z is that he managed to convince a third of Destiny's Child to fuck him. 
Jay-Z's ego is almost as big as his lips, with the self indulging title of his new album: Magna Carta Holy Grail. It was announced during the 5th game of the NBA Finals after the end of the first half. I'm guessing he decided to drop the news during the NBA Finals because millions of blacks would be tuned in, but it probably backfired due to 50% taking a Newport break and getting "turnt up". Samsung sponsored this autofellatio of a clip that featured him, Pharrell, Timbaland, and a bearded white man, which I'm assuming is god himself, making beats together with Jay at the helm giving useless direction to them while they think to themselves "I'm glad this guy has a fuck load of money or I'd be making beats for 2 Chainz right now."
 I won't go into detail into why Jay is bad or how he's stolen most of his rhymes, because I'm not trying to convince your little feeble minded ass, while you eat your 20-piece nuggets and grease up your Razr mouse your mom bought you for losing 8lbs this year. If you want to be investigator Mulder, go listen to his music without assumptions and the perception that he should be good, and thank me later for your instant better taste in music.